Tiny Tigers

Keene’s ATA Martial Arts offers youngsters aged 3 1/2 to 6 years a highly specialized program geared specifically toward this preschool aged group. Our Instructors work to develop and improve fine motor skills, focus, and listening skills. Keene’s ATA does this through our fun and exciting curriculum that also teaches essential character building qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. Every month the students are introduced to a new monthly theme that will emphasize traditional values such as confidence, integrity, and perseverance. Improvements in these areas are rewarded using the Victory Patch System, in which stars are awarded for positive behavior. All Tiny Tiger classes are taught using safe, fun, and exciting training practices available for this preschool aged group.

Karate For Kids

Taekwondo lessons are a dynamic and challenging approach to the martial arts for children who are energetic, athletic, overweight, awkward, shy, nice or maybe even a little wild. Keene’s ATA offers this program to children aged 6-12 years old. At our school every kid is a winner, instead of a bench sitter because Taekwondo allows each child to reach their own potential rather than directly competing against other kids. The benefits of this program include improved self-confidence, which doesn’t come naturally for many children, but rather is developed over time by accomplishing new goals. Also, children learn self-defense which teaches the student to think instead of panic in potentially serious situations as well as how to react to threats from other kids. A byproduct of training at Keene’s ATA is better coordination because Taekwondo challenges the entire body, developing balance, agility, and poise, qualities that are often neglected in many team sports available to this age group. Being a Karate Kid also means being a better student. All children in the Karate for Kids program learn skills, such as following directions, paying attention in class, and participation in class activities that helps them to become better students. The Karate for Kids program runs in conjunction with the Tiny Tiger program, thereby emphasizing the same important monthly themes and value systems.

Adult Martial Arts

A fun and effective martial arts training program for men and women ages 12 and older. Our adult programs are a great way to relieve stress, get and stay in shape, and learn valuable self-defense skills at the same time. Our programs blend a great physical workout with practical real life self-defense techniques, and are ideal for both men and women!

Keene’s ATA offers what we believe is the best martial art in the world. Taekwondo is an exciting and powerful martial art from Korea known for its dynamic kicking and hand techniques. Although these martial art techniques are centuries old, our programs are always evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. At Keene’s ATA Martial Arts and Karate for Kids, we are not interested in just teaching self-defense, we are interested in the complete personal development of each student.

Individual attention is a feature of each and every class, allowing all of our students to progress quickly and confidently toward their personal goals. Our instructors take their responsibility seriously, teaching the importance of strong character, leadership, and good values. Adults of all shapes, sizes, and ages come to us, and through perseverance, achieve their goals. Whether you’re interested in fitness, self-defense, or just wanting to have some fun, we are here to help you! We train our students to the best of their ability, all that is expected of you is your willingness to try!

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Warrior X-Fit

Are you looking for a workout that is NOT your typical same old gym workout and where every class is different?  It’s time to get your sweat on with X-Fit’s intense, heart pumping, fitness enhancing class.  The class is for all fitness levels from the beginner to the expert since each participant will work at their own fitness level.

The Warrior X-Fit Program is a revolutionary martial arts based fitness program that will transform an individual’s body, fitness level and frame of mind.   This intense, total-body workout can improve strength, aerobic fitness, flexibility, coordination, and balance while adding excitement to your ho-hum exercise routine.

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