Master Keene

Master Nick Keene, is a 6° Black Belt and an ATA Nationally Certified Instructor and the Co-Owner and Chief Instructor at Keene’s ATA Martial Arts. He began his training in martial arts as a child, but due to his Dad’s military career he was never able to earn his Black Belt due to moving and having to begin his training over as a white belt. Although he made it to the rank of Brown Belt he always regretted he had not achieved becoming a Black Belt.

After moving to Arizona and getting his oldest son involved in Taekwondo, Master Keene found it to be a great stress relief from his daily work and quickly learned the art was something he and his children could do together. Master Keene also discovered he loved competition since it pushed him to perform his best. He excelled and earned the top ten in the World for 20+ years. He holds three World Championship Titles and has medaled multiple times. He also holds a number of Arizona State Championship Titles. Master Keene is a certified weapon’s Instructor in all of the ATA approved weapons. Additionally he is certified to teach Pressure Point Control Tactics, Tai-Chi Level I and II, Judo Level 1, SHARP (Sexual Harassment, Assault, Rape Prevention), Gun Control Tactics, Kidz ‘n Power Child Safety and Warrior X-Fit Tabata training, a high intensity interval exercise.


Mrs. Keene

Mrs. Ann Keene is the co-owner of Keene’s ATA and began her training in 1998 just after the couple bought the school. Mrs. Keene had supported her husband and kids on their martial arts journey, but had never considered training herself. However, she quickly realized that if she was going to be involved in the daily school operations, she had to have first hand knowledge of the sport. She began her training at age 35 and was stunned with the self-confidence, coordination and balance she gained. She worked to become an ATA Nationally Certified Instructor and a 1° Black Belt. She is the Program Director and Office Manager at Keene’s ATA. She is a certified in teaching Kidz ‘n Power Child Safety Classes, S.H.A.R.P. (Sexual Harassment, Assault, Rape Prevention) and in School Safety & Healthy Children.


Mr. Jaucian

Having trained in Hapkido, Judo and Karate as a child Mr. Seg Jaucian already had a varied background prior to beginning his ATA journey in 1998 at Keene’s ATA Martial Arts. While training towards his Black Belt, Mr. Jaucian joined the Leadership Program and discovered his love for teaching. A leading staff member, he is currently a 5° Black Belt and was ranked in the Top Ten for World Championship Competition in 2002. He won the Arizona State Championship in Forms and Weapons in 2002, and has been ranked in the Arizona State Top Ten many times. Mr. J, as the students like to call him, is also certified in Tai Chi, joint-lock/pressure point control and the Sshang Nat (Kama), Broad Sword and Samurai Sword. He is also the lead instructor for the Warrior X-Fit Exercise Class.


Mr. Green

Mr. Paul Green began training in martial arts in a Young Olympians after-school program at just 7 years old. Mr. Green began training at Keene’s ATA in July 2001 and is now a 5° Black Belt. He was invited by the instructional staff to join the Junior Leadership Program in 2003 and was able to complete the Adult Leadership training by age 18. He successfully passed his student teaching and Level 3 Leadership training and became a Nationally Certified Instructor. Mr. Green loves weapon’s training and is our resident weapon’s expert.

Mr. Green is a prime example of the effects of the Leadership Training offered by Keene’s ATA, having excelled over the years. Mr. Green has definitely demonstrated perseverance in pursuing his passion and has proven to be a great asset to Keene’s ATA as an instructor.